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Naturopathic Medicine

My approach to treatment is based on an evaluation of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I typically use any of the listed services either alone or in combination with another. 


My treatment approach aims to:

  • improve organ function

  • facilitate detoxification

  • restore emotional stability

  • increase your resilience to illness


There are few medicines that are as rapid or as powerful as homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are a mainstay part of my treatment approach, and are also my preferred service.  After a holistic evaluation, it's helpful to have a medicine that can treat multiple symptoms at the same time. Homeopathic medicines can be used to treat mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms simultaneously. 



Health counseling is another mainstay part of my treatment approach. I find that most people benefit from clear and succinct counsel in regards to health topics like nutrition, exercise, hydration, psychology, and generally what's needed for you to feel better. It's always my goal and pleasure to impart to you a sense of confidence and empowerment around your health. This sort of mindset is healthy.


Nutrition - Medical & Fundamentals

Nutrition is a popular topic! Whether it's understanding the basics around eating healthy, or what specifically you should be eating to support a particular health condition, I've got you covered. Nutrition has always been a major focus of mine, and I can provide you with clarity, strategy, and direction when it comes to your diet. I understand that small, gradual, progressive changes lead to healthier states of being. 


Detoxification & UNDA Drainage

Detoxification implies facilitating elimination in your body. This usually involves powerhouse organs like the liver and kidneys as well as the lymphatic system. The essential function of these systems is to clean your blood and exclude harmful materials from the cells.  Some basic lifestyle habits are excellent detoxifiers, and UNDA medicines can be used to "drain" cellular toxins.


Glandular Extracts & Hormone Balancing

Dried organ extracts, such as dried adrenal gland extract, are an excellent way to support hormonal imbalances. These medicines have been used for thousands of years and are still some of the best available for certain endocrine disorders. Homeopathic medicines can also be effective at improving your symptoms. The use of both together can be relieving and rejuvenating. 


Botanical Medicines & Nutraceuticals

Botanicals are a core part of almost every Naturopathic Doctor's treatment. I often prescribe herbal formulas in pill form to support various body functions like GI and liver function, energy production, and mood regulation. They often work well with homeopathic medicines and isolated nutrients (nutraceuticals) like NAC, curcuminoids from Turmeric, or 5-Lox AKBA from Boswellia, to name a few.



The ZYTO scan is a bioelectric device that measures the major stressors on your body systems. It's a qualitative tool that provides insight into what might be adding to your toxic load and creating symptoms. I find it to be very accurate and often helpful in providing a starting point if you're struggling with a number of different symptoms. 

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