The Carroll Method: An Explanation

Published in Naturopathic Doctor: News & Review (NDNR)

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What is the Carroll Method? 

The Carroll method is a technique performed to identify food intolerances. Traditional naturopaths rely on  the Carroll method in conjunction with other widely implemented dietary evaluation tests to identify foods  that may be problematic for a patient. It is especially important because there are no other known tests that can identify food intolerances, and clinical application of the results has anecdotally been a key step in  preventing the buildup of toxic digestive by-products, historically referred to as morbid matter. The  accumulation of morbid matter in the system leads to a state referred to as toxemia, which is essentially a  chronic form of blood poisoning. If used in conjunction with the other dietary evaluation tests, the result is  a highly personalized diet which aims to minimize the creation of morbid matter and ingestion of  inflammatory or metabolically inefficient foods, a necessary first-step in the naturopathic therapeutic order  of cure.  


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