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I’ve been studying and practicing health since childhood and have always been curious about the human body. Nature, psychology, and physiology in particular have always interested me. Knowing facts has never been enough for me, as I’ve always needed to understand the "why and how" behind any subject. Naturally, this curiosity took me deeper into the academia.

While journeying through school, I was fortunate to be introduced to the importance of exercise and nutritious eating early in life due to my father's weight loss goals. I took to cooking and exercise rather easily, but I was also introduced to illness early on, as I struggled with skin problems, IBS, and frequent infections. 

Like many people, I visited the offices of conventional doctors searching for answers and relief but could not find either. Fed up with getting sick, I read a book titled Finally . . . The Common Cold Cure and learned about Vitamin C, zinc, and green tea to treat and prevent recurring colds. The protocol worked tremendously well and it was then that my interest in natural medicines truly began.

Several years later, I’d also taken an interest in bodybuilding. I was strongly influenced by Bruce Lee’s book The Art of Expressing the Human Body, which served as my introduction to structured fitness training and sports nutrition. This knowledge inspired me to become a nutritionist and certified personal trainer, and I spent about 4 years in this role.  

In college, my interest in health continued to increase, and I imagined I'd pursue medical school but was reluctant because I did not want to prescribe drugs. Searching for alternative career paths, I was strongly inspired by a description of Naturopathic Medicine, which until that day I'd never heard of. I later applied to NUNM and began my doctoral studies, further deepening my understanding of health.

Within a few months of medical school, I became relentlessly ill with a “bad cold.” The main issue was that I had trouble sleeping at night due to a sore throat and extremely dry cough. I couldn’t lie down without coughing myself awake. Vitamin C and zinc weren’t working, and I had no other options. I again reached for a book, this time titled Nature Cure, which led me to discover homeopathic medicine.

Having no other knowledge of homeopathic medicine except for what I found searching the internet, I decided to take a medicine called Pulsatilla. Initially, nothing happened. Then, I decided to take another dose in frustration, and when I woke up the following morning, all of my symptoms were completely gone. 6 weeks of a relapse-remitting illness had vanished! I felt tremendously relieved, and the symptoms did not return. I’d never experienced anything like that before and was not only curious but also felt indebted to the medicine. I've been using and prescribing it ever since. 

My interest in homeopathy aligns with my interest in holistic medicine. Whenever you experience physical or emotional symptom, you're basically out of balance. Something about your lifestyle is enabling illness. My job is to help you figure out what that is and to support the function of your body in the meantime. 

This process often involves studying “the whole person,” which means understanding all of the factors that may be causing your illness. I spend a good deal of time exploring your psychological health because I find it strongly influences the balance in your body. I also examine the health of your organs through exams and other specialized testing. 

If you're ready to discover the cause of your illness, book an appointment with me. We will thoroughly examine the factors in your life that are enabling illness and work to restore optimal function. I look forward to helping you feel better!

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